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Welcome to Big Brother! We are a RL site based on the reality TV show, Big Brother. If you haven't seen the TV show, don't fret! We have opportunities for our members to audition to be part of the show or exist in the fictional city where the show is set.

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Hey all,

Since things have got busier for the admins, we have decided to have the site go on hiatus until July.

Members, who wish to stay in the game, should send their e-mail addresses and state whether they want to continue on or not to KYZER, so they can be notified, when the site re-opens in July.

We may open earlier, it depends, so just watch your inboxes etc for now. HGs can still login and roleplay in the house, if they want. Our apologies guys, and here's hoping we can get back to business sooner rather than later.

Any questions or concerns, just PM Kyzer. Thanks guys, use this time to take a break and have some fun in-game or outside the game etc.
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