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Welcome to Big Brother! We are a RL site based on the reality TV show, Big Brother. If you haven't seen the TV show, don't fret! We have opportunities for our members to audition to be part of the show or exist in the fictional city where the show is set.

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Welcome to Big Brother!

Welcome to our site! Regardless of how you found us, we are glad you made it here. We would love to welcome you to the site as a member.

Whether you are a fan of Big Brother, the TV show, or have never heard of it before, we think that you will greatly enjoy Big Brother. Our Guidebook (this thing here), has been created to give you a overview of the game and the setting of the site so that you can have a comprehensive understanding of what is going on.

Should you wish to look further into the game, we recommend checking out the wiki page.

If you are coming here without any prior knowledge of the game, don't worry! You will pick it up in no time at all. Our staff is dedicated to helping you fit right in. Say hello in our cbox!

The Plot
In the town of Los Angeles, California, a brand-new reality TV show has been formed. The name of the show? Big Brother!

For those of you who are fans of the real show: our site exists in an AU where the previous seasons of the shows do not exist. None of the famous houseguests you know and love have played the game. We're starting completely fresh!

When creating a character here at BB, you do not have to make a character with intention of having them be on the show. You may create a character who is a resident of the city. Whether they are a fan of the show is completely up to you. They may not even know it exists!

On the flip side, you may have a character who is a friend of a houseguest, or a family member: or even just a fan!

Like most sites, the characters exist outside of the main plot - in this case, outside of the show. With only 12 houseguests per season, we anticipate that there will be a large number of characters existing outside of that atmosphere. No matter where on our site you are roleplaying, there's fun to be had!

The Rules

The first account you should make is an ooc account. The name of the account should be your alias (one word) in proper capitalization. Your ooc account will be your main account and all subsequent character accounts will be sub-accounts off of it. You can see an example of an ooc account here

Once your ooc account has been completed and accepted, you will be ready to make your first in-character account. Please register your character with a first and last name in proper capitalization (example: Bob Smith).

Once you have registered, please make sure to check your messages for an important welcome message from the staff with detailed instructions on how to proceed.


Once you have registered, you will need to visit the control panel and fill out all of the required profile and mini profile fields. All fields and pictures must be completed before your application will be accepted. You can see an example of a completed character application here.

Please keep all applications PG-13. That means minimal swearing and absolutely NO sexual content. We also do not allow any triggering topics in the applications! They need to be safe for everyone to read!

Once your application has been accepted (as indicated by a reply from a staff member), you are free to post!


We do not have a character limit. However, the staff do reserve the right to put a freeze on your character-creating abilities due to inactivity.

Face claims must be age 18+. Anime and unknown faces are not allowed. Only models and actors, please! Double faces are only allowed for identical twins. To preserve our fresh start AU and to dissuade copycat characters, no former BB players may be used as faces.

Each member is allowed a twin character. If you would like to have a second twin, you must obtain it through the points system. We do not want to see multiples overtaking the site.


Posts should be in third person (for example, "he said," rather than, "I said"). Please take care not to godmode, or GM, other characters. This means you should allow them room to form their own reaction rather than assuming and forcing an action on them. Similarly, if someone says something in their internal dialogue, it is not necessarily free for your character to know.

Posts should be long enough to give people replying a good idea of what is happening. Points for posting are not awarded for any posts that are under 50 words in length.

Please avoid turning choices into drama-llama land. Respect your admin, mods, and your fellow members. Cliques are not something that the staff approve of. All members are treated equal and we encourage our members to thread with everyone! You never know who you'll meet or how your characters will react to another IC!

Our cbox needs to remain a happy, friendly and active place! Remember, it's not just about chatting - it's also the first thing that our guests will see! We want it to be welcoming.

Sexual content and extreme violence is allowed WITH a proper warning. The title should have a [M] tag for mature. Abuse in any form is only allowed with staff approval. If you are considering a plot that involves any form of abuse, please speak with the staff for assistance.

Expect the Unexpected
Season Length

Each season will last two months. This is two months in-character and two months out of character. There will be a one-week break between seasons for everything to be reset.

Houseguest Selection

When the end of a season is near, the staff will open an application period for characters to apply in-character. We will select the next season's cast based on those applicants.

The House

The house is set on a closed set in Los Angeles California. The houseguests are sequestered from the real world during the entire two month period with no contact from their family and loved ones. They also have no amenities, such as television or internet.

The house consists of two communal bedrooms, one bathroom, a living room, a kitchen, a dining room, and a backyard. There is also an HoH (Head of Household) room and bathroom, which is assigned to the week's Head of Household. Finally, there is a Have-Not room, which is where the weekly Have-Nots must sleep.

There are cameras in each of the rooms (including the bathrooms). The only place that is not filmed is the toilet. The showers, although open to the cameras, have a protective cover to shield everything but the houseguests head from the camera's view. Similarly, the houseguests are required to wear their microphones at all times: with the exception of when they are sleeping and showering.

Weekly Schedule

Sunday - HoH Competition
Wednesday - Nomination Ceremony
Friday - Veto Competition
Saturday - Veto Ceremony
Sunday - Eviction & HoH Competition


Head of Household Competition

Each week, all houseguests (with the exception of the HoH from the previous week) will compete for the tile of Head of Household. The competition each week will differ and will be announced when the competition begins.

OOC, HoH winner will be determined by a random draw. Each HG will be automatically be given (+1) in the random selection. The HG that has the highest number of posts since the previous HoH competition will be given an extra +3, the next highest +2 and the third highest +1. Therefore, the highest number of chances you can have in the draw per week is 4 and the lowest is 1. Those names will then be placed in random draw and the winner chosen.

Veto Ceremony & Competition

Each week, the HoH will nominate 2 HG for eviction.

Those HG, the HoH and two other HG selected by random draw will play in the power of veto competition. The veto winner will be determined by a random draw. Each participating HG will be automatically be given (+1) in the random selection. The HG that has the highest number of posts since the previous veto competition will be given an extra +3, the next highest +2 and the third highest +1. Therefore, the highest number of chances you can have in the draw per week is 4 and the lowest is 1. Those names will then be placed in random draw and the winner chosen.

Have Nots

Each week, a select number of "Have Nots" will be required to take cold showers, eat slop (an unsweetened, high protein oatmeal, which has many of the essential nutrients, and vitamins to maintain a healthy diet for the HouseGuests) and sleep in the Have-Not room.

The Credits
Thank You!

First off, a big shout out to Lauz at Shine for the skin and Emilie at Shine for the guidebooks (this nifty little thing you're looking at right now). Thank you to Big Brother for the the inspiration!

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