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Welcome to Big Brother! We are a RL site based on the reality TV show, Big Brother. If you haven't seen the TV show, don't fret! We have opportunities for our members to audition to be part of the show or exist in the fictional city where the show is set.

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 Auditions, Apply to be on Big Brother!
Big Brother
 Posted: Feb 27 2017, 09:45 AM
n/a ✖ 12 posts ✖ 85 points ✖ they/them ✖ n/a ✖ wanted
big brother ✖ they/them ✖ eternal ✖ n/a

Welcome to Big Brother!

So, you want to be on the show? Here's where to audition. Please fill out the form below in-character. Remember, we have 12 spots to fill and not much time to do so - so make sure to get your applications in!

For the time being, please only have ONE character per handler audition. In the event that we are very short on applicants, we may make an announcement allowing for a second round to be submitted!

[b]Marital Status:[/b]
[b]Why do you want to be on Big Brother?[/b]
[b]Anything else we should know?[/b]
Dorian Abrams
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 07:35 PM
Sol ✖ 11 posts ✖ 150 points ✖ she/her ✖ central ✖ wanted
Ian ✖ he/him ✖ 26 ✖ Capricorn

Name: Dorian Abrams
Age: 26
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Questioning Bisexual
Hometown: Salem, Oregon
Occupation: 911 Dispatcher
Hobbies: People have time for hobbies? I mean, I like doodling a lot. Been told I should become a comic book artist. I'm also trying out the blogging thing. Since I live around the corner from one of those little theatres that shows garbage, I'm reviewing B-films on it. It's not really popular, but it's something to do.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? I'm curious. I want to do it as an experiment. See where it ends up going. Maybe that's not really an answer... I suppose the real thing is I've never had my fifteen minutes of fame. Never got to be on a sports team or be some academic star. Never got to be that guy at the party who says they've climbed Everest or swam with sharks or whatever. Sometimes you just gotta take the opportunity to get one of those stories, you know?
Anything else we should know? I have about a thousand stories of gross 911 calls.
Elizabeth Hart
 Posted: Apr 18 2017, 08:11 PM
rey ✖ 17 posts ✖ 175 points ✖ she/her ✖ cst ✖ wanted
beth ✖ she/her ✖ 20 ✖ scorpio

Name: Elizabeth Hart, but please call me Beth
Age: 20
Marital Status: Hopeless Single
Sexuality: Bi-curious?
Hometown: Austin, TX (keep Austin weird, y'all)
Occupation: Student is a fancy way of saying unemployed
Hobbies NINJA WARRIOR! Obstacle courses 4 lyfe
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? No one will see my coming in the endurance competitions. That's what my friend said when she tried to sell me on the idea. To be honest, reality TV really isn't my thing (with the exception of ninja warrior, but that's another story). I do like the idea of being silent and deadly, though, and it's worth a try. Dad always said to shoot for the moon and make the most of life's adventures, so here goes!
Anything else we should know? I'm a communications major s I know how to twist things. I think I could do really well at this game. That's what it is, right?
Kylie Blue
 Posted: Apr 24 2017, 12:53 AM
Hadley ✖ 17 posts ✖ 185 points ✖ She/ Her ✖ EST ✖ wanted
N/A ✖ she/her ✖ 22 ✖ Cancer

Name: Kylie Blue
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single and ready to mingle
Sexuality: Straight
Hometown: Nashville, Tennessee
Occupation: Student (Collegiate Cheerleader & Volleyball Player, don't mention it)
Hobbies: Cheerleading and Volleyball as previously mentioned), Binge watching things on Netflix, Horseback Riding.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? I've been a big fan of the show ever since I was a little girl. My parents always wanted to be on it, so why not beat them at something else? I'm not gonna lie, I like attention and what better way to get it than winning Big Brother? I would also like prove that Blonde hair doesn't equal stupidity (insert wink)
Anything else we should know? I graduated at the top of my class with honors and I'm currently on track to becoming a law student! so hopefully this game will test my poker face!
Etta Style
 Posted: Apr 25 2017, 10:12 PM
Catsmeow ✖ 16 posts ✖ 180 points ✖ She/Her ✖ EST ✖ wanted
Etta ✖ She/Her ✖ 25 ✖ Scorpio

Name: Etta Mae Style
Age: 25
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Straightish
Hometown: New Orleans, Louisiana
Occupation: Vocalist
Hobbies The usual dirty hippie hipster things. Yoga, hiking, coloring, getting tattoos, smoking cigars, and drinking slightly watered down, but good quality, bourbon or cognac on a pretty patio. Oh and I sing, like a whole lot.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? Because money talks and I'm a broke ass college graduate with a degree in vocal performance. What else am I supposed to do to pay off these loans? But really I'm hoping to get some on television exposure to help with getting a more serious career off the ground. I can't do another wedding to save my life.
Anything else we should know? What a shitty question, its so vague. How do you expect me to answer that? Guess you'll have to wait and see!
Dustin Miller
 Posted: Apr 28 2017, 05:14 AM
Jimmy ✖ 28 posts ✖ 330 points ✖ he/jim ✖ Central ✖ wanted
Dustin ✖ he/him ✖ 29 ✖ Leo

Name: Dustin Miller
Age: 29
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hometown: Atlanta, Georgia
Occupation: Psychologist
Hobbies I am a big fan of television and movies. Always been interesting in characters and seeing plots develop. I also enjoy spending time outdoors near the lake or on a nice hiking trail. Also a big fan of going to the bars with my friends checking out the night life in an area, having a few drinks and an overall good time.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? It is basically a social experiment at its core. When my friends found out about this new show they told me about it and at first I thought the idea was crazy. However once I looked into it I became very intrigued. The money could help pay off some debt from all of my schooling. I get to be a character on a television show which is awesome. However most importantly this is a competition and one that I feel like I can win with my skill set and every new show needs a main character to push it and I believe I can be that guy.
Anything else we should know?I study people and how to get reactions out of them for a living. So the person that some people see including you guys may not be the same person that the fans of the show will see. I want to use my shot to make an impact and be remembered whether it mean I am loved or hated.
Kai Michaels
 Posted: May 3 2017, 05:57 PM
Kyzer ✖ 18 posts ✖ 185 points ✖ He/Him ✖ GMT ✖ wanted
Kai ✖ He/Him ✖ 24 ✖ Aries

Name: Kaizer 'Kai' Michaels
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Pansexual
Hometown: Miami, Florida (Currently)
Occupation: Writer
Hobbies I love animals, and have like two dogs: Raiden & Venus. They had puppies, and I kept one of their pups, little Rufus. He's so beautiful. I also have a white rabbit named Snowy. I like a good party too, I think it's important to have a semi-decent social life or life just gets all crazy and you really need to destress sometimes, you know let your hair down. Plus, I'm a writer, so I love working on new stories, concepts and characters in my spare time or just writing fanfiction for fun.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? Why do I want to be on Big Brother? Are you serious right now? Who wouldn''s an amazing show, and I've been a fan for years! It's basically a social experiment that really challenges you on every level, pushes you past your limits and mentally sends you for a loop.. plus it helps you understand humanity just that little bit more because it's so intimate and closed in. Dude..that's like writing gold..haha! Plus I always love a good challenge, and I wanna see how I stack up in a game like this and have a little fun too while I’m at it. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity, not to mention I'm competitive too. If you aren't in some form then you can't play this game, let alone win it.
Anything else we should know? Not really or maybe I do? It's all part of my own unique mystique, my friend. So watch this space. -winks-
Malcolm Vanhorn
 Posted: May 4 2017, 03:41 PM
rey ✖ 7 posts ✖ 85 points ✖ she/her ✖ cst ✖ wanted
mal ✖ he/him ✖ 32 ✖ taurus

Name: Malcolm Vanhorn
Age: 32
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight (closeted)
Hometown: Chicago
Occupation: Police Officer
Hobbies Video Games (shooters)
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? A buddy of mine sent in the application for me as a prank and then I got a call for a real audition so... I figured, what the hell? Plus, I've got a shit-ton of vacation time.
Anything else we should know? I've got a bit of a temper if someone's being an ass and needs to be put in their place.
Alec Watson
 Posted: May 4 2017, 04:23 PM
Jimmy ✖ 18 posts ✖ 190 points ✖ He/Him ✖ CST ✖ wanted
Alec ✖ he/him ✖ 22 ✖ Scorpio

Name: Alec Watson
Age: 22
Marital Status: Single as a Pringle
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hometown: Orlando, Florida
Occupation: College Student/Poker Player
Hobbies The consist of watching television and moves. Going out with friends to drink and have a good time. Finally player poker whether it be for fun or big money tournaments.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? I want to be on this show because I love games. I fell it love with Poker because it is a game of strategy, luck, skill, and manipulation. This shows sounds like it has the same qualities so of course I couldn't resist.
Anything else we should know? How do you wake up Lady Gaga? ......... Poke Her Face
Lyle Paxton
 Posted: May 4 2017, 04:47 PM
Kyzer ✖ 11 posts ✖ 120 points ✖ He/Him ✖ GMT ✖ wanted
Lyle ✖ He/Him ✖ 36 ✖ Leo

Name: Lyceus 'Lyle' Paxton
Age: 36
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Bisexual
Hometown: San Francisco, NC
Occupation: Fire Chief/Firefighter
Hobbies Fatherhood. I love being a Dad, my boys mean everything to me. They're good kids, when they wanna be! -laughs- I also enjoy a good book, and a beer with the mates. I'm not going to lie, I enjoy my life a lot. I can't complain..haha. I like a little golf here and there, always love football and squash seems to be my new favourite sport nowadays. Me and my best mate, Owen play together all the time. I kick his ass all the time naturally. Poor guy. I'm a family man too, they always come first for me.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? It was actually Owen, who suggested, I give this crazy game a shot, he thinks I could win it all. Plus he had already sent in an application without me knowing..the goober! He's putting together this big support group for me, back home, if I get on the show and making all our team wear custom support t-shirts! -laughs-. He's a firefighter too. The team are well behind me, they all agree with Owen. Plus I'm pretty competitive, and I'm pretty street-smart too.
Anything else we should know? I have so many stories involving my work that will make you cry, laugh at or find inspiring..maybe I'll share them in the house, watch this space! -winks-
Margot Delevingne
 Posted: May 4 2017, 10:03 PM
Sol ✖ 15 posts ✖ 195 points ✖ she/her ✖ central ✖ wanted
Margot ✖ she/her ✖ 20 ✖ Aries

Name: Margot Delevingne
Age: 20
Marital Status: Single and freaky
Sexuality: Queer as a three dollar bill
Hometown: Boston, MA!
Occupation: College student
Hobbies: Writing, petting dogs, photography, petting cats, sneaking into chem lab and playing with stuff the freshmen have left out, and petting horses
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? Do you know how long I've been stalking the auditions just to see when they would open?? You're shoving a camera in the faces of a dozen strangers and telling them to live it up for the public. That's my jam. There's no end to what I'm willing to do.
Anything else we should know? I make a really convincing beeping sound if you need me to edit myself for network television.
Lucia Olivieras
 Posted: May 4 2017, 10:40 PM
Lucia ✖ 26 posts ✖ 260 points ✖ She/Her ✖ EST ✖ wanted
Lucia ✖ She/Her ✖ 26 ✖ Aries

Name Lucia Olivieras

Age 26
Marital Status Sorta seeing someone? It's complicated.
Sexuality Straight as an arrow unfortunately.
Hometown Springfield, MA
Occupation Beekeeper
Hobbies Hiking, running, rock climbing, writing, painting, playing with bees (of course), playing board games, staring at the ceiling for hours at a time listening to music.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? I've never done anything like this before. I've always been a fan of these competition shows so to finally be apart of one is like... I dream come true. I'm sure I can do well.
Anything else we should know? I snore. A lot. And loudly. Also, please hold me back if you see me about to embarrass myself on national television.
Sarah Yates
 Posted: May 7 2017, 12:45 PM
Zeebem ✖ 11 posts ✖ 140 points ✖ He/Him ✖ CST ✖ wanted
Sarah ✖ She/Her ✖ 24 ✖ Gemini

Name: Sarah Yates
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single...forever
Sexuality: Heterosexual
Hometown: Mesa, AZ
Occupation: Blogger
HobbiesI absolutely love writing. It's a passion of mine, and it's part of why I took up blogging. Other than that, I'll hang out with friends and go partying, or I'll stay in and binge watch something. If I'm feeling particularly active I'll go find a hiking trail and, well, hike it! I have an insatiable wanderlust, so that's about the closest I can get to traveling, except for now. This is the first time I've been away from Arizona, so we'll see how this goes.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? Well, besides the wanderlust thing, I actually really love reality shows like this! I could watch Survivor all day, every day, so the fact that there's something like this for me to be on is mind boggling. One of my friends heard about this, and knowing my love for reality television, they told me I should sign up!
Anything else we should know? I'm actually a very extroverted person. Also, my dad is sick (part of why I've never left Arizona until now). Not sure if there's anything else really all that important. I'm sure I'll think about it later while I'm in the house.
Tyler Mckinney
 Posted: May 10 2017, 01:05 PM
Jelly Tony19 ✖ 10 posts ✖ 125 points ✖ He/Him ✖ -- ✖ wanted
Ty ✖ He/Him ✖ 27 ✖ Sagittarius

Name: Tyler McKinney
Age: 27
Marital Status: Single
Sexuality: Straight (Closeted Bisexual)
Hometown: Haleyville, Alabama
Occupation: Gym Owner
Hobbies: Well since I do own a gym, I do work out a lot. Also, it's pretty nice to have a good time with some friends.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother?: I want a challenge. I'm a shy guy and I want to challenge myself to something I'm not used to. Also, I love games like this and I think I could do pretty well. Plus this would be a amazing vacation!
Anything else we should know?: People say I'm a "charmer" with my southern accent. So I may use that to my advantage.
Apolonia Babinska
 Posted: May 14 2017, 08:11 PM
SammyJ ✖ 10 posts ✖ 125 points ✖ she/her ✖ GMT +10 ✖ wanted
Apo ✖ she/her ✖ 24 ✖ Gemini

Name: Apolonia Babinska. It's Polish. But I'm part native Hawaian too. Everyone calls me Apo and I prefer it.
Age: 24
Marital Status: Single and looking.
Sexuality: mmmmm.. Yes.. Oh, sorry. I'm pansexual
Hometown: Honolulu, HI
Occupation: I'm a photographer, but I also am a web-cam girl
Hobbies Well, definitly would count photography as one. I also love magic tricks, especially with sleight of hand. Do you want your wallet back? *giggles* Sorry. I'm a bit hyperactive and I also do gymnastics and yoga each day to help, plus I do lots of dancing around. I'm a climber like a monkey since I was young - that probably counts. I come from Oahu in Hawaii, and definitly into the water - sufing, diving, swimming. And we eat really weird stuff so I've got an adventurous palate trying things from around the world. Oh.. and I nearly forgot. I do web-camming on sites for fun, but don't think I can mention which ones because of those rules you gave me. I wonder if anyone will know me from it? could be funny.
Why do you want to be on Big Brother? Well, my most basic reason why is that I would like to be on so I can win the prize money and be able to setup my own photography studio in Hawaii. Apart from that, well, I'm a Gemini. So this place is soo cool. I love meet new friends, exploring places and doing all sorts of new things, and this sounds fun. I want to leave my mark on everyone I meet, and BB sounds a good way to do that for so many people.. Although, I am sort of worried too but I'll just deal with it and adapt.
Anything else we should know? I'm very free-spirited. So you might want to prepare the censor beeps and the black bars smometimes for network television *flips up top to flash* I also have no gag-reflex.
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